Sunday, June 13, 2010

Holiday - Bukit Gambang Water Park.

It's the school holidays and we recently went to Bukit Gambang Water Park. Gambang is a small town situated 28km from Kuantan. It's less than 3 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. On the way to Kuantan, we decided to drop by Batu Caves. Rachel is studying about rock formation in her Geograpgy lesson so I thought it would be nice for her to visit Batu Caves and take a look at some limestone formations. Besides, the last time I went to Batu Caves was nearly 30 years ago. The place is still the same except that now they have  errected a beautiful  golden statue of Lord Muruga which stands 130 feet tall. The climb to the top of the hill is no easy feat. It took me almost 20 minutes to reach the top with plenty of stops along the way. You can see other people and tourist all strugling to catch their breath. In the end I made it. Yes! all 272 steps!
For somebody with a bad knee I am quite proud of my self. Coming down the steps was a diffrent story all together, it was very scary. I had to hold on to the railings for fear of falling and tried not to look all the way down. I would not recommend it for those who are afraid of heights. By the time I came down to the last step I felt as though I have completed a 5km marathon. Drench in sweat! Just goes to show how unfit my body is.

After our adventures climb at Batu Caves, we proceeded to Gambang. Arrived at 3pm in the afternoon.
Our home in Gambang for the next 4 days would be The Carribean Bay resorts.  It is a cluster of apartment style accomodations. Just five minutes away is the Gambang Water Park. The acomodations are very basic, no fancy decor and simple  furniture. However, the beds are comfy and clean and so are the toilets!

                                           It's nice to know who the owns the building!!

Besides the water park which is situated just 5 minutes away, there are alot of activities for the kids within the resort. There is a game's room where the kids can enjoy video games & karaoke singing. Just across the block is a mini amusement park. In the evenings you can catch the magic show and animal show. Almost every night after dinner, we would be at the amusement park going for rides and doing fun activities such as sand art and batik painting.

Rachel doing batik painting.

The food however at the resort is lousy, so most of the time we either drove to Gambang town or Kuantan for food and headed for Teluk Cempedak, for some R & R by the sea.

Highlight of our holiday, Gambang water park!! Splish, splash and slosh!! The water park itself is not very big. Slighly smaller than Sunway lagoon, but there's plenty of activities for the kids and even for the adults.  Wave pool, pengiun Island is the favourite with the kids. But the all time screamer would be the family raft slide! VERY FUN. A must for everybody to try if you are there.

Simon and Rachel at the wave pool.

The Penguin Island.
Downside of our holiday - getting a summon for parking!! Worse thing that can happen when you're on holiday! We didin't know that you have to purchase parking tickets for parking (you know the "scratch tickets") So the hefty fine ....only RM5.00!!

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