Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dentist vs Tooth Fairy

Dentist! Not my favourite people on the planet. Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against
them its just that the thought of seeing  one just bring back some awful memories. As a child,
my visits to the dentist was usually for painful extractions. So at the first sign of Rachel's tooth becoming loose, I brought her to see a dentist just so that she would be well aquainted with the doctor and the  whole process of a dental check up. So far she has enjoyed the visits and usually look forward to having her teeth cleaned  until 2 days ago. You see,  Rachel has been having problems with one of her front tooth which has been loose for a long time and it doens't seem to want to come out. Besides the discomfort of having a tooth dangling in an awkward position it was also painful at times. So, I decided that the best way to deal with this is to have the dentist look at it and decide from there. I am not about to use  the primitive way of using strings or pliers to yanked the tooth out (which by the way, was what my grandmother did...the strings of course not the pliers!!) My daughter on hearing the word 'pull' refused. In the end, I used bribery and promised that tooth fairy will leave a very very big 'ang pow' if she would just let the dentist look at it. always a  good motivating factor because she agreed and we went. I am surprised by how fast and painless the whole process was.No injections, just some anesthetic gel and spray and it was out in second. No fuss from our brave little girl and for that, toothfairy generously left her a big ang pow with some extras!

Note: Rachel is 71/2 years old and knows that there is no such thing as tooth fairies but like pretending
that they do exist. I suspect that its the rewards that she's more interested in.

Treasures from tooth fairy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To onion or not to onion

I was browsing through a magazine when an article about onions caught my attention. The heading
says ' Onions an old fashioned way to ward off flu'.A according to the article, onions are able to absord  the flu virus and the best way to ward off the virus is to place a bowl of onions around the house or office. Apparently, people who have tested this out have found it to be very effective and recovered quickly without having to pay a visti to the doctor. Incidently , I am coming down with the sniffles and am contemplating if I should even consider trying it out. However, I am not sure if I will appreciate the aroma of  onions lingering in my house !! Well, if you'd like to try this out yourself , here's what you need to do. Cut both ends of the onions, place one end on a fork and place it inside of a bowl. Keep the bowl near the sick person through the night. If the onions turn black in the morning it means that it has absorbed all the germs!! To onion or not to that is food for thought !

Monday, January 18, 2010

7 is 1

No numerical confusion here. 7 is still 7 and 1 is still 1. We are not talking about numbers but
my niece, Seven who just celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!

Lovely birthday cake and...

the cute birthday girl.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Durians and a lost Perdana

Durians again! Last nite hubby came back with some durians. This time, it was  durian ''musang", or something to the effect of musang (fox). .... Which cost around RM 12.00 per kg! Anyway it was really good. Sweet, bitter and very fleshy..! Everytime  I eat durians it always bring back memories of our Perdana car. So, what has durians and a Perdana car got anything to do with each other ? Well....when I was pregnant with Rachel many years ago...I had the urge to eat durians. So not wanting to refuse a pregnant women's request, Simon and I took a drive to Kuchai Lama looking for a durian stall. We found one, stop by the side of the road to buy durians next thing we knew his car was gone! Yes ! Stolen... It was not until a month later that the police found the car but I can tell you it was the most expensive durians we ever bought!

King of the fruit

A must after durians.....rhino water to cool down the heat!!


We've been shopping for new furniture the last couple of weeks. Dining table and sofa. We are still working on the sofa but I found the marble top dining table which I always wanted. Something about the old kopitiam feel that I like.  Our old dinning table stood in the dining  hall for 12 years! Nothing like a good solid rubber wood. It was still in pretty good shape when the XPM (Xim Phou Moon ) guys took it away. Quite sad to see it go but at least I know that it went for a good cause.

Out with the old....and

In with the new.....!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chruch of Our Lady Of Fatima

I got a call  from my  frantic father last night telling us to stay away from church this weekend because
of the church burning incidents that has been going on around town. Well, we went anyway as it was the start of Sunday school  for Rachel and I think its silly not to. I was half expecting an army of FRU trucks and policemen outside our church ( I let my imagination get the better of me)but suprisingly things were very normal. Yeap, no FRUs and policemen..just the regular church members. The Lady of Fatima church has been my parish for over 30  years. I grew up in  Bricfields and  the church was just a walking distance from my house. So obviously every Sunday I would attend mass there.  Over the years I have seen it change from a small humble building to what now stands an extension of the main building ,a Wisma Fatima. I would hate to see anything happen to it. God Bless!

Chruch of Our Lady of Fatima still standing strong

This 50 year old newletter is now a huge controversy among Christians & Muslims.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pre Birthday lunch

It's Sunday the 3rd of Jan. A normal Sunday morning routine  for us is  to attend mass at Lady of Fatima church , Brickfields. This morning we saw a beautiful "kolam" at the entrance of the church, depicting the picture of The Holy Family. It was pretty & everybody stopped to take pictures including my hubby. After church it was off to meet  with the extended Si family for a pre birthday lunch as Simon will be celebrating his birthday tomorow 4/01. We opted for somethig healthy so ended up at Johnny's steamboat, Wangsa Maju.

Beautiful isn't it?

My sister in law May, Brother in law Richard & son Riker.

The kids enjoying their ice-cream.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve 09

New Year's eve 09 was a quiet affair for us. Decided to eat in and made pizza for dinner.

Rachel putting her own ingredients on the pizza.

A rare sighting of a full moon on new year's eve from our balcony.
Let's hope that the year 2010 is as bright and beautiful as this moon for all of us.
Happy New Year!