Friday, February 19, 2010

No Gas and a sick child

The worse things that can happen during the chinese new year period is when you run out of gas to cook and  your child falls sick. Yes, we have been 'gasless' since the eve of chinese new year and have to resort to using a portable stove . It is the 6th day of CNY and the gas man is still on leave. Sigh...looks like we will have to rely on the mini stove until next week. As for Rachel....caught a really bad flu bug from somebody. The thing about going to the clinic during this time of the year is  having to pay the exorbitant price on consultation fees. I  cannot understand the need for them to hike up the price when the doctor is not even a chinese!
It is a total rip off. (RM50.00 just on consultation fee.....for normal GP). Worse of all, the medication doesn't even help. So, the best way to clear a congested  nose is nasal cleansing using  a NETI POT. It is very effective and works better than antihistamine.

Nasal cleansing an acient Ayurveda  method to help clear sinusus, flu and congestion.

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