Monday, August 18, 2014

Greens from our Garden

Greens from our garden...or should I say from our balcony! Since we live in a condominium
and there is no garden we grow our greens in pots.

Mint leaves


Rosemary. Right now its a little stunted and doesn't seem to be growing well

Wheat grass. Its great juicing  and  they are east to grow

Aloe Vera .We have loads of them here. The Aloe Vera plant has a lot of benefits. The clear gel from inside the leaves is good for healing and soothing and cuts and burns.

Chia seed sprouts. In case you are unfamiliar with 'chia' seeds. They are native to South America and are 
actually seeds from a flowering plant in the mint family. A great source of fiber, high in omega 3, antioxidant 
and minerals. The sprouts are easy to grow and I usually throw them in my salads and sandwiches
Money plant cascading the wall.

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