Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To onion or not to onion

I was browsing through a magazine when an article about onions caught my attention. The heading
says ' Onions an old fashioned way to ward off flu'.A according to the article, onions are able to absord  the flu virus and the best way to ward off the virus is to place a bowl of onions around the house or office. Apparently, people who have tested this out have found it to be very effective and recovered quickly without having to pay a visti to the doctor. Incidently , I am coming down with the sniffles and am contemplating if I should even consider trying it out. However, I am not sure if I will appreciate the aroma of  onions lingering in my house !! Well, if you'd like to try this out yourself , here's what you need to do. Cut both ends of the onions, place one end on a fork and place it inside of a bowl. Keep the bowl near the sick person through the night. If the onions turn black in the morning it means that it has absorbed all the germs!! To onion or not to onion....now that is food for thought !

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