Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yesterday we celebrated Simon's Birthday. It was also the first day of school and a working day.
So, celebration was simple with the mandatory 'red eggs' in the morning  followed by dinner  at night. There was also cake cutting at the office organised by Jobsteet staff. At least they were kind enough to only put one candle on the cake instead of the actual numbers of candles representing his age. That would really have set the cake on fire ! (51 to be exact..)

Red eggs is a must in the Si family!This  age old tradition was instilled by my late mother in law.Be it a child or adult, the "hoong Kai tan" will always be the centre piece of any birthday celebration.

Dinner at 'Meng Kee', Sri Petaling ( I think owner is Lai Meng of Empat Sekawan). We ordered steam fish, noodles, brocolli with mushrooms and abalone & cashew nut chicken. The steam talapia  turned out to be a disapointment  The service wasn't so great  either. Conclusion, would I eat there again? Probably not!

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