Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dentist vs Tooth Fairy

Dentist! Not my favourite people on the planet. Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against
them its just that the thought of seeing  one just bring back some awful memories. As a child,
my visits to the dentist was usually for painful extractions. So at the first sign of Rachel's tooth becoming loose, I brought her to see a dentist just so that she would be well aquainted with the doctor and the  whole process of a dental check up. So far she has enjoyed the visits and usually look forward to having her teeth cleaned  until 2 days ago. You see,  Rachel has been having problems with one of her front tooth which has been loose for a long time and it doens't seem to want to come out. Besides the discomfort of having a tooth dangling in an awkward position it was also painful at times. So, I decided that the best way to deal with this is to have the dentist look at it and decide from there. I am not about to use  the primitive way of using strings or pliers to yanked the tooth out (which by the way, was what my grandmother did...the strings of course not the pliers!!) My daughter on hearing the word 'pull' refused. In the end, I used bribery and promised that tooth fairy will leave a very very big 'ang pow' if she would just let the dentist look at it. always a  good motivating factor because she agreed and we went. I am surprised by how fast and painless the whole process was.No injections, just some anesthetic gel and spray and it was out in second. No fuss from our brave little girl and for that, toothfairy generously left her a big ang pow with some extras!

Note: Rachel is 71/2 years old and knows that there is no such thing as tooth fairies but like pretending
that they do exist. I suspect that its the rewards that she's more interested in.

Treasures from tooth fairy

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