Friday, January 15, 2010

Durians and a lost Perdana

Durians again! Last nite hubby came back with some durians. This time, it was  durian ''musang", or something to the effect of musang (fox). .... Which cost around RM 12.00 per kg! Anyway it was really good. Sweet, bitter and very fleshy..! Everytime  I eat durians it always bring back memories of our Perdana car. So, what has durians and a Perdana car got anything to do with each other ? Well....when I was pregnant with Rachel many years ago...I had the urge to eat durians. So not wanting to refuse a pregnant women's request, Simon and I took a drive to Kuchai Lama looking for a durian stall. We found one, stop by the side of the road to buy durians next thing we knew his car was gone! Yes ! Stolen... It was not until a month later that the police found the car but I can tell you it was the most expensive durians we ever bought!

King of the fruit

A must after durians.....rhino water to cool down the heat!!

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