Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chruch of Our Lady Of Fatima

I got a call  from my  frantic father last night telling us to stay away from church this weekend because
of the church burning incidents that has been going on around town. Well, we went anyway as it was the start of Sunday school  for Rachel and I think its silly not to. I was half expecting an army of FRU trucks and policemen outside our church ( I let my imagination get the better of me)but suprisingly things were very normal. Yeap, no FRUs and policemen..just the regular church members. The Lady of Fatima church has been my parish for over 30  years. I grew up in  Bricfields and  the church was just a walking distance from my house. So obviously every Sunday I would attend mass there.  Over the years I have seen it change from a small humble building to what now stands an extension of the main building ,a Wisma Fatima. I would hate to see anything happen to it. God Bless!

Chruch of Our Lady of Fatima still standing strong

This 50 year old newletter is now a huge controversy among Christians & Muslims.

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